Losing a pet is difficult whether due to illness or accident, and experiencing all the stages of grief is natural and expected even with the loss of a beloved pet. Add to that the responsibility of having to make a decision to end a pet’s suffering and the emotions can be overwhelming. Understanding our God-given role in relation to our pets, (steward, Genesis 1:28; care-giver, Proverbs 12:10; student, Job 12:7) and the privileges and responsibilities, joys and sorrows we have as pet owners in caring for our pets can help with coming to terms with the difficult decision to prevent further needless suffering, and let a pet go through humane euthanasia in the face of a terminal condition.

The most difficult decision you will likely have to make for your ‘Faithful companion” may involve end-of-life decisions.  Just as you are in the habit of making the right decisions for your pet’s care throughout life, making difficult decisions regarding end of life is just as important.  We believe pain and suffering accomplishes very little if anything in pets, as they can’t reason it out or benefit from it.  We believe it is our God-given responsibility, and in keeping with the Veterinarian’s Oath, to relieve that suffering when that time is right, and will help you through the difficult decision making involved with that.  We’re happy to answer any questions about how we can make that process as painless as possible if and when that time should come, and also will make arrangements for whatever aftercare you’d like for your pet.   If you have specific questions please call the office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Krause.